About Benjamin Martin Bloom, Financial Services Professional


My Mission Statement


 Through the services I provide and the products I represent, I will always work to the best of my abilities to help improve the financial well-being of my clients, maintain their quality of life and at the same time do no harm.

My Vision Statement


 Consider me a friend and trusted advisor; an advocate for you and the things that matter the most to you. I will strive to make your experiences with me go beyond that of a traditional salesperson, as I will only advocate solutions that are suitable and advantageous. It is my responsibility to make appropriate recommendations for each individual’s unique life situation. My success is measured first and foremost by my affect on your financial situation and your satisfaction with my efforts. I hope to build a personal connection with you and make your financial dreams a reality.


My Guiding Principles

I work to better the lives of those around me through the work I do and the services I provide. I believe that I can change the financial world one client at a time; working harder than my cohorts, delivering what I promise, improving client understanding, providing long-term service, and making an impact in the community. Through the financial tools I master and an unwavering commitment to my professional calling, I will take every opportunity to go above and beyond the call of duty and exceed my client’s expectations. I endeavor to pursue excellence in my career by continually learning, working jointly with other professionals, and always performing to the best of my ability those services I provide that can make a remarkable difference in people’s lives.

Every client with whom I work…

  • Is the most important part of the process
  • Is treated  with openness, honesty, ethics, and integrity
  • Can safely assume that their personal information is kept confidential

Every collaborator with whom I work…

  • Is as dedicated to their individual responsibilities and development as I
  • Maintains openness and honesty in their relationships with customers while maintaining confidentiality and professional respect
  • Is encouraged to contribute their knowledge and expertise toward mutual accomplishment with the assurance that their contributions are valued, their hard work respected, and their compensation fairly established

Key Ingredients…

  • Superb customer service and quality work
  • Changing and growing to better meet the needs of those I serve
  • A continuing commitment to education and self improvement
  • Planning concrete goals, implementing strategies, and monitoring successes for personal and professional development

My Objectives


As a financial advisor, my objective is to be a trusted authority in one of the most sensitive areas in the lives of my clients, their finances. My approach is one of caring and candid questioning, such that I seem like a concerned family member. I strive to change the financial services industry and the way professionals like me are viewed by demonstrating an unwavering resolve to be honest and open, as well as developing my practice with a passion for excellent service and a track record of rock-solid judgment. My practice functions as an extension of my core values, connecting me on a personal level with each of my clients. My desire is to first build a professional relationship based on trust and mutual respect and second to provide for myself and those I love.

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